Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello World

Feels funny to be posting to the world, when really, at this point, I am merely talking to myself. Anyhow, here we go. Welcome to Adventures in Craftlandia. (Thanks, Self. No Problem, Self.) My hopes for this little corner of the blogoverse are pretty simple at this point; I'd like to join the scores of crafty gals and guys who are putting forward their creations, inspirations, thoughts, struggles, and successes. These bloggers have propelled me to be a better crafter, taught me tricks of the trade, and have inspired me on countless occasions. I hope to not only inspire others, but more importantly I'd like to connect with my peers and (secret, thus far) mentors. I also to plan to use this blog to keep me on track (whatever wacky track that may be), to keep myself stretching and learning, and to revel in all that is possible. How's that sound? I think that sounds pretty okay, Self. Thanks, Self.

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  1. I had to join when I read this...Now, you are writing to me a bit too. Welcome to blogland, and hope to see your creations that you have in your mind finally come to fruition. Please do join mine and hope to get to know you.


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