Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 10 (DOUBLE DIGITS!): Hardware Happiness

I work with just about anything: paint, wood, glass, plastic, fabric, etc. 
I use a lot of "found" and "altered-function" objects in my work... By "altered-function," I mean objects that one buys new, let's say, at a hardware store, and uses in a way contrary to its designer's intent. 
--Burnell Yow!

I had fun at the hardware store today, and came out with a buttload of bolts to make bead, er, bolt curtains for Mr. Robot's backdrop.

Excuse the pics...they are not the best.  The light bulb burned out in our living room, which doubles as my craft space.  I thought the environmentally friendly bulbs were supposed to last longer...doesn't seem to be the case, in my experience.  And the ceilings in our old Edwardian apartment are too tall for me to reach, even with my super tall ladder.  Time to call Mr. Roeper. :)

Here are the bolts all tied up.  I think I might make jewelry out of them at some point.

 The inside of Mr. Robot

Hanging Thingamajigs

My Ikea tool kit (aka My Very First Tool Kit)

I used a nail to make starter holes

And then screwed in picture hooks...

then tied on the bolt stings.  It looks better in person. I need to clean 
up the strings and make some more strands of botls.
A work in progress...

 It just started pouring.

Guess it's time to cuddle with my doggie :)


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